Case Study - Real Estate

"This is how we generated 82.500€ profit for our client in just 30 days"

Stop wasting time and money on faulty and ineffective ad campaigns.

Watch our results!

How is this possible?

First question you ask yourself – how is this possible?

Luck? Any secret tactics?

No! Okay, maybe a little of both, but the truth is…

We take advantage of the best advertising platform in the world for our benefit – Meta (Facebook & Instagram).

Our job is very simple. We help our clients get more customers!

We use the best techniques at our disposal to deliver the best possible results.

We learn about your target audience.

We understand the values and needs of your company.

We create advertising campaigns for you.

And together… We watch the money come.

Enjoy the profits! 

See an exemple of what type of numbers we can bring to your Real Estate Company. 

The Numbers:

(30 Days Period)

New Leads
Properties Sold
Total Views
Total Revenue Generated
New Properties Acquired
Active Campaigns
Active Ads

*NOTE: Standard commission in Portugal – 5% of total property sale.

The Advantages of Working with Us


We'll find you 100's of motivated buyers every week. Your pipeline will be full. Sales will be easy.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Be the number one real estate agency in your city/state by creating effective ads that will turn your competition into dust.

Acquisition of new properties

Having trouble finding new properties? Stop worrying. We'll find new properties for you.

Save Time and Resources

You already have multiple problems that require your attention 24/7. Getting new customers and new properties is our problem. Enjoy the profits.

Meta Business Partner

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